Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jeremy Hill Matters

LSU's offense, as designed by Les Miles, relies heavily on a stable of big, powerful running backs to wear down opposing defenses.  This strategy is about ball control, field position, and keeping defensive focus on the line of scrimmage, hopefully creating one-on-one mismatches up field.

LSU's offense, as designed by Cam Cameron?  Well, we don't know yet.  First of all, WILL LSU's offense be designed by Cam Cameron?  Many LSU fans would pessimistically say Les Miles will continue to drive the overall strategy.  That aside, if Cameron is given free rein, its likely he'll open things up a bit more.  But it is Les Miles' team. I'd be surprised if the running game doesn't remain the dominant feature of the LSU offense.  In 2013, I'd bet that the run will continue to set up the pass, and not the other way around.

Which brings me to Jeremy Hill. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bandit's LSU Sports is Now Jeff Macloud's LSU Sports

Bandit's LSU Sports Blog is now Jeff Macloud's LSU Sports.  Same content, better (ahem) reliability.  Check back soon for sports commentary and podcasting, and more!